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Best Budget Smoothie Maker: Magic Bullet Deluxe

3 Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipes to Make in your BlendJet Portable Blender

The best budget smoothie maker is the Magic Bullet Deluxe. It may lack the power of its big brothers, but its great for shakes, smoothies and sauces.

This entry-level Nutribullet doesnt have fancy controls or a big motor, but it does the basics well and comes with an impressive set of accessories. The Magic Bullet Deluxe can handle frozen fruit and a small amount of ice but it lacks oomph for tougher ingredients.

Whats great about this model, is that you get NutriBullet quality for an affordable price. The smaller motor is good for occasional use and lighter ingredients. However, if youre thinking XL shakes & large smoothies then youre better opting for the more powerful NutriBullet 600 .

As with other NutriBullets, its easy to clean. The blades are easily rinsed under the tap and the cups are dishwasher safe.

Are you looking for an affordable NutriBullet this is it!


Magic Bullet Deluxe | Verdict price £40 |

Kitchenaid Diamond Smoothie Blenders

The KitchenAid Diamond Blender has classic styling and features a large 60-ounce pitcher. Its large enough to have company over for a smoothie but not so huge its silly to make a single smoothie. It features five speeds selectable via soft press on the front panel. This type of button is long-lasting and easy to clean. A steel-reinforced coupler between the pitcher and the base is a nice touch that will help extend the life of this component.

The base is a sturdy die-cast metal that adds a lot of stability, and the pitcher has clear, embossed measurement markings that wont wear off or fade over time.

Even though there are a lot of good qualities to the pitcher and it is BPA-free, the plastic will never have the longevity that glass does. Its hard to clean because the blades dont come out, and youre forced to try to clean under them without getting cut. While blending, we had to keep stopping to push the food down towards the blades.

The COSORI C700-PRO Blender is a powerful blender ready for any challenge. This blender features a heavy-duty 1500-watt motor that will deliver enough torque to chop ice and frozen vegetables with ease. It also has a 70-ounce pitcher, which is perfect for most situations. Instead of buttons, you adjust the speed of the blade with a rotary knob. This design lets you choose precisely the speed you want.

  • Hard to clean

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The Best Blender 2022

The Vitamix A3500 blender means serious business and made light work of combining ingredients in our tests without leaving any chunks behind. We used it to create deliciously smooth smoothies, as it can quickly blitz ice cubes.

This Vitamix blender has an impressive ten variable speed settings, a pulse function, and five programs with predefined speeds and durations for everything from smoothies to dips and spreads. There’s even a programmable timer to set the blender to work and automatically switch it off once the timer is up.

However, the A3500 is quite bulky, so consider this if you’re short on space. It’s heavy and the most expensive blender we’ve tested – with a price tag that’s double and, in some cases, triple that of other blenders on this list.

Read our full Vitamix A3500 review

Breville offers a range of stylish, durable, and powerful blenders. Still, eye-wateringly expensive price tags may be out of reach for many consumers, except for the Breville The Fresh and Furious . This entry-level blender combines the brand’s sleek styling with power to create a compact blender that’s more affordable than other models the brand offers – although the base is made from plastic rather than metal.

Simple to use, we were impressed with the Breville The Fresh and Furious. It was able to liquidize pineapple and leafy spinach into a completely smooth and lightly aerated drink, with no bits, as well as crush ice, chop nuts, and emulsify eggs and oil into mayonnaise.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Even though we like the tight-fitting travel lid, the spout for drinking is very small, measuring 1 inch by ¾ inch. Its very difficult to drink a thick smoothie without using a straw. But we prefer straws to smoothie sipping, so this doesnt bother us one bit.

The NutriBullet Pro isnt the sleekest machine we tested. The branding is splashed all over the front, and if youre logo averse, this can be troubling. If aesthetics are that important to you, consider getting the Breville Boss To Go.

In 2014, Consumer Reports declared the NutriBullet Pro a safety hazard after a piece of the blade broke off due to a stress test where they blended 7 large ice cubes 45 times. Later that year, after an initial investigation, the Consumer Product Safety Commission concluded that there was no reason for a recall. In September of 2016, Consumer Reports restored the NutriBullet Pro to their product rankings, giving it an overall score of good. We think a stress test of that magnitude is unrealistic. Personal blenders arent meant to crush large cubes of ice over and over again. CNET conducted stress tests on the NutriBullet Pro and found no problems of breakage or malfunction.

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How To Choose The Best Smoothie Maker

This one is amazing, very easy to clean and use

Power, cup size and longevity are the three key factors. Beyond these, the best smoothie blender must be easy to use and quick to clean. Any machine thats fiddly or tricky to clean will only end up gathering dust at the back of a cupboard.

Smoothie makers are generally designed for individual portions. The size of the cup is a personal choice. Generally, big is better . But if youre going to be drinking straight from the blender cup, it must be easy to hold and therefore not too bulky.

In terms of power, a decent motor will deliver enough torque at the right speed to whizz your smoothie to perfection. A motor with a lower rating may struggle with some ingredients. As an example, the Magic Bullet Deluxe spins at 10,000 rpm while the Nutribullet 600 turns a 20,000 rpm.

Then theres cleaning. Again, this needs to be quick & easy. All Verum recommended smoothie blenders have blades that detach from the cup. Making them accessible & super easy to clean. This is an important difference from a traditional jug blender, where hard to reach blades are at the bottom of the container & can be tough to clean.

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Best Budget: Hamilton Beach Personal Blender With Travel Lid

  • Comes with travel cup and lid

  • Low power & may lack durability

  • Small cup size

  • Difficult to clean

The Hamilton Beach Shakes and Smoothies Personal Blender is a compact, single-serve blender. The blender has a single button that can be used to blend continuously or use as a pulse feature. It comes with a 14-ounce travel cup that fits in most cup holders and includes a travel-friendly lid. The inexpensive price point and user-friendly functionality makes it our top budget pick.

This blender differs from many other smoothie blenders as the blade is not removable from the travel cup. This may make it more difficult to clean since the blade remains attached. One plus is that the lid and cup, including the blade, are dishwasher safe.

The motorized base of the blender includes a wrap around cord for easy storage, and the compact design allows for countertop or cabinet storage. While this blender is functional and easy-to-use, it may not be as durable as other options.

Weight: 2.07 pounds | Power: 175 watts | Volume: 14 oz | Dimensions: 11.8 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches

Best Smoothie Blenders At A Glance

See full analysis below

To identify the best smoothie makers, we have consumed an immeasurable number of smoothies, compared 48 blenders, scrutinised specifications and vetted real-world opinions. If youre looking for a new blender, choose from the recommendations below and buy the best smoothie maker for you

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Best Compact: Ninja Fit Personal Blender


  • Tendency to leak

  • Small cup size

The Ninja Fit Compact Personal Blender is our number one pick for the best compact smoothie blender. It has a 700-watt motor with a buttonless blending functionality that easily crushes ice and frozen produce. To use, fill the cup with the smoothie ingredients and attach the blade to the top of the cup which is then inserted into the base. Pressing down on the cup starts the motor and blends the contents.

The blade attachment separates from the travel cup, and all parts except the motorized base are dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean. You may find that the blender sometimes leaks into the base when blending which can make cleaning the base more challenging. The Ninja Fit Compact also comes with a 16-ounce cup and travel lid for taking drinks on-the-go.

Weight: 4.63 pounds | Power: 700 Watts | Volume: 16 oz | Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 13 inches

The Best Smoothie Blenders To Buy In 2021

Replenish is a self-cleaning smoothie machine

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Bosch Vitamaxx Vacuum Blender

Best smoothie-maker for finished results

This is one of the best smoothie-makers on the market, with excellent blending power and high-quality components. It has a deoxygenisation function a vacuum which removes oxygen to give the most vibrant finished smoothie plus a range of useful accessories like storage bowls. We found it blended even pesky small ingredients like raspberry seeds, a rarity in the smoothie blender world. You will need a decent amount of space to store it though, plus it’s not cheap. Read our full review of the Bosch VitaMaxx blender.

Available from:

Best cheap smoothie-maker

If you’re after a smoothie-maker with few bells and whistles that does the job well for a good price, this slimline appliance from IKOHS ticks all the right boxes. It’s operated using a large button on the front and there is very little else to familiarise yourself with. Thanks to the tall stacking design, it’s particularly easy to pack away, helped by the fact the power cable can be tucked into the base. Read our full review of the IKOHS OSIT personal blender.

Available from:

Best smoothie-maker for healthy eaters

Available from:

Verywell Fit Approved Blenders For Smoothies

The Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro with Auto-IQ is our top pick because its a high-powered blender with a simple, compact design and is easy to clean and store. If youre a more serious home cook, we recommend the Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender since it is both durable and versatile.

Laura Geraty, MS, RDN, LDN, and culinary dietitian says, When choosing a blender, keep in mind your budget, what youll be using it for, and the amount of storage space you have to house it. It also helps to know what to avoid when looking for a home blender, Most blenders come with multiple settings like smoothie, soup, puree, etc. Dont be fooled. All you really need is a low setting to get things started and a high setting to finish the work.

Our dietitian, who has extensive experience working in the culinary field, reviewed blenders that are the best for smoothies. While some have additional features that may appeal to those looking for a multi-functional blender, the majority listed are based solely on their ability to easily blend a creamy smoothie at home. Deciding how you plan to use your blender can help you make the best choice.

These are the best smoothie blenders on the market today.

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Best Blenders For Smoothies In 2021 Top Picks & Reviews

It doesnt matter if you have found yourself on a health kick or just looking to replace a blender that broke. You can find the options available to you overwhelming. There are so many different sizes and features to choose from that narrowing your choices is difficult.

Weve already tried out dozens of blenders for every purpose, and we believe we can help by pointing you in the direction of 10 blenders we feel are perfect for making smoothies. Each model on our list will have some things that we like about it and some things that we dont. Well tell you what they are and explain why so that you can feel more comfortable about making your own choice when the time comes.

Weve also included a buyer guide where we break down every aspect of the smoothie blender and explain what is essential and what isnt. Well go over what size motor to look for as well as pitcher size. Well talk about the cleanup and whether you need all those different speeds.

Keep reading for our detailed reviews of each blender for smoothies, where we compare motor size, pitcher size, multi-speed, and cleanup to help you make an educated purchase.

Lets look at the ten blenders we chose to review for you.

Why You Should Trust Us

Personal Smoothie Blender, Electric Portable Blender Shakes and ...

Anna Perling, previously a Wirecutter staff writer, has written guides on a variety of kitchen gearincluding stand mixers, Instant Pot pressure cookers, and cold-brew coffee makers. She routinely makes smoothies and foods with her personal blender.

Lesley Stockton, a senior staff writer at Wirecutter, has covered blenders and hand mixers, among other items like chefs knives and pizza ovens. Lesley has been cooking professionally for almost 20 years.

For the original version of this guide, we brought Matt Shook, founder of JuiceLand, into our test kitchen to get his hands-on opinion, and we interviewed superfood chef , who uses both a full-size and a personal blender for home and work. We also scoured editorial reviews from sources like Food & Wine, Good Housekeeping, and Reviewed.

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What Size Blender Do You Need

A few compact blenders offer trouble-free cleaning, but most self-cleaning functions and wide bases are found in full-sized, professional blenders. Usually, this means your pitcher will sport a 48-ounce container or larger. Some brands offer additional jars and other accessories, like the WildSide+ container sold by Blendtec, which boasts a wide motor base and blunted blades for a quick blend and an even easier clean-up.

Can You Put Frozen Fruit In A Personal Blender

Yes, you can put frozen fruit in a personal blender. The key to getting a smooth blend is adding the right ratio of liquid to frozen ingredients. Check the user manual for recommendations.

If you are trying to blend frozen fruit in your personal blender and keep ending up with unblended bits, try letting the fruit sit out at room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes before blending to partially thaw and blend easier.

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Take It Wherever You Go

Easy to make juice, smoothies, shakes anytime. Or you can blend the drinks at home, take the cup to your office, gym, hiking or other outdoor activities.

When you get your blender, please read the following tips:

1.Dont put your hands inside your blender or try to touch the blades.Dont use your blender when charging or run your blender without anything inside.

2.Dont recommend hot liquids over 50 degree which will easily lead to damage or leakage.

3.Charge your blender before your first use. The lights turns red while charging and blue once full charged.

4.Recommend cutting your fruit or other ingredients into small chunks. Always start by adding a liquid such as water or milk.You can blend ice. Make sure that the liquid is sufficient in your blender, but the size of the ice shouldnât be too large.

5.Red and blue flashing lights mean your jar isnt aligned with your base. To fix this, the arrow on the jar should line up with the switch on the base.

6.Red flashing lights mean your blender needs to be recharged or that your blades are blocked. Recharge or shake your blender.

Note: The juicer smoothie blender compact and portable design is made from BPA free food-safe materials. Because of the product to be in a sealed state for a long time during transportation, so it is normal to have a pungent smell. After receiving the product, you need to wash it and dry it to eliminate the odor.

Easy To Clean Blenders

Blender | How to Clean and Care (Ninja® Foodi® Power Blender Processor System)

User opinions show that blenders that can be cleaned easily have higher customer satisfaction ratings, and that easy cleanup is highly associated with ease of use. Opinions also indicate that plastic containers are much easier to clean than glass ones approximately 65% of blenders sold on the market today have plastic containers, and the vast majority are dishwasher safe. In addition, small, personal blenders are considered the easiest to clean, though several luxury models receive high ratings as well. This is likely due to the self clean option professional models often have, which utilizes the blenders strong motor and high speed.

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