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Special Tip: You can find all the measurements in the recipe card below. There you can choose how many servings of these strawberry smoothie recipes with yogurt you want to make, and it will do all the measurement math for you! All of the ingredients for this frozen strawberry smoothie with yogurt can be doubled or tripled with the click of a button.

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More Vitamin C Than An Orange

Just one serving contains 98% of your daily requirement, compared to 85% provided by the legendary orange.

Vitamin C is well-known for keeping the immune system functioning at its best. But did you know that it also helps strengthen the eyes and protect them from the suns damaging rays? Plus, its an antioxidant which means it can help to reduce the risk of cancer by protecting cells from damage and mutation.

Tasty tip Pairing strawberries with blueberries in a smoothie will get you an even better vitamin C hit. The anti-oxidants in blueberries also enhance the effects of vitamin C, so you get even more immune boosting benefits.

Variations Of Homemade Strawberry Smoothie

This recipe is basic, which means it is very customizable. Get creative and make this strawberry your own.

  • Juice: Instead of apple juice use orange juice, almond milk, milk, or even water.
  • Bananas: Frozen bananas add even more creaminess, and can add the extra sweetness you want.
  • Protein: Add a scoop of your favorite protein powder. They come in so many fun flavors, you can really get creative with them. I personally like good vanilla with my strawberry.
  • Nut Butter: A spoonful of peanut butter or almond butter for texture and flavor. It will taste like a sandwich in a straw.
  • Greens: Of course you can add kale or spinach to your smoothie for iron and nutrients. I do have to warn you the color will be a little unappealing, but still delicious.
  • Chocolate: Add in a scoop of cocoa powder for a chocolate-covered strawberry smoothie.

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Strawberry & Peach Smoothie

Since peach and strawberry season overlap, itd be rude not to combine the two into a summery glass of goodness. We prefer our smoothies without yogurt but you can add a little if you like. Our recipe includes a handful of leafy greens to instantly multiply its nutritional value.

  • 1 peach
  • 10 spinach leaves

Blend the leaves with peach until smooth, then add the strawberries. Since peaches are so juicy you shouldnt need any additional liquid, but judge it based on your own preferences and add a little water if you prefer.

Simple Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

Easy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

This is the original smoothie combo. With just 3 ingredients, its a very easy banana and strawberry smoothie to whip up. Best of all, it tastes delicious too

  • 1 individual pot of vegan vanilla or strawberry yogurt

For an even easier smoothie without yogurt, replace the fresh banana with a frozen one to ramp the creaminess factor back up. Or check out our other article on how to make a smoothie without yogurt or milk. Either way, youre getting a solid dose of nutrients.

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Easy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe With Yogurt

This Easy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe with Yogurt is easy to make, and is just 94 calories!

Plus, we have added some protein add-ins should you want to make this a strawberry smoothie for breakfast or meal replacement.

This strawberry smoothie with yogurt recipe makes a great snack, dessert, or breakfast .

Plus, we have supplied you with low calorie tips to making the calories in strawberry smoothie, and all berry smoothies low calorie and healthy!

This Easy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe with Yogurt is easy to make, and is just 94 calories!

The Best Strawberry Smoothie

Even with such a seemingly basic recipe, theres actually a trick that makes some strawberry smoothies taste better than others.

The trick is to use frozen strawberries instead of adding ice, because this will result in a thicker and creamier smoothie with a much deeper strawberry flavor.

If using fresh strawberries, just cut off the stems and freeze them beforehand, or you can buy the berries already frozen. Before blending, thaw them just enough so they arent rock hard and can be easily blended.

Serve for breakfast, with homemade Vegan Donuts

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Expert Tips And Tricks

  • Use a combo of fresh and frozen fruits. This makes the ingredients easier to blend together.
  • A higher-fat milk is worth it. The creamiest smoothies are made with higher-fat milks such as cows milk, oat milk, and coconut milk.
  • Freeze fresh strawberries for the most flavor. If strawberries are in season this will be the tastiest option.
  • Make sure the kiwi is ripe. Unripe kiwis will be tart and youll end up needing to add a lot more sweetener.
  • Get creative with it. Add in tons of other healthy ingredients to up the nutritional content.

New: Strawberry Banana Smoothie


A little sweeter: My 3-ingredients, sugar-free Strawberry-Banana Smoothie.

: Besides my Healthy Strawberry Smoothie above, which only contains 2-ingredients, I also love, love, love this Strawberry Banana Smoohtie. This naturally sweet 3-ingredient strawberry banana smoothie is simply amazing. Its so tasty, fruity, creamy, and sweet that you wouldnt believe its sugar-free. I make this one when craving something sweet, like chocolate. Im sure youll have all the ingredients needed on hand.

As you may have noticed, this article contains an affiliate link.

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How To Make It

How do you make a strawberry smoothie from scratch? Start with the items that are the most difficult to blend, saving the frozen fruit for last.

I like to blend the dates, almond milk, and vanilla first.

Once you dont see any large pieces of dates left, you can add in the frozen strawberries and blend again.

Finally, youll add in the ice, for an extra-slushy, milkshake texture.

Depending on how large your ice cubes are, you may only need 2 or 3 to achieve a slushy texture.

Keep in mind that the more ice you add, the more diluted the flavor will be, so start with less. You can always add more as needed!

Serve the strawberry smoothie right away for the best flavor and texture. You can even make it fancy with a little coconut whipped cream on top!

They Protect Their Own

It may be a coincidence that theyre heart-shaped, but strawberries actually protect the entire circulatory system. They improve blood vessel function, lower blood pressure and increase good HDL cholesterol whilst inhibiting the bad.

In fact, a study of 93,000 women found that those who ate three or more portions of blueberries and strawberries a week had a 32% lower risk of a heart attack.

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How To Make A Simple Strawberry Smoothie

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Strawberry smoothies are healthy, delicious, and refreshing and best of all, theyre easy to make! With just 4 ingredients and a blender, youll have a nice cold treat thats sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

How To Make It Plant Based / Vegan

BEST: How to Make a Strawberry Smoothie?

You can make this strawberry smoothie plant-based or vegan by doing the following:

  • Make our strawberry banana smoothie. Try our Strawberry Banana Smoothie: its vegan and uses only 2 ingredients!
  • Substitute non-dairy milk AND vegan yogurt or ½ banana for the yogurt. We like using oat milk or almond milk. Oat milk is usually a little sweeter and creamier so we tend to like that a little more. You could also try coconut milk, which adds a nice coconut essence, or soy milk. Then for the yogurt, use vegan yogurt or another ½ banana.

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Can I Use A Different Kind Of Milk

Smoothies are so versatile! You can make them using just about any milk or liquid base. My favorite option is to use Coconut Milk for Strawberry Smoothies, which adds a slight tropical taste and is a great dairy-free option if you have allergies or other health concerns.

Other liquid options include:

  • Regular Milk: Creamy traditional smoothie base
  • Nut Milks: Almond, Cashew, etc add a nice nutty flavor and are a great dairy-free option
  • Fruit Juice: An extra punch of sweetness without needing to add sugar
  • Water: If you are counting those calories!

Ingredients For Strawberry Smoothies:

  • Strawberries: The main ingredient! I love using fresh strawberries, but frozen strawberries are an option. Remove strawberry tops to preserve the pretty pink color.
  • Coconut Milk: My favorite base giving this smoothie a tropical flavor. See below for other options.
  • Bananas: A staple ingredient for many smoothies, gives a nice creamy texture.
  • Pineapple: More tropical flavor for this delicious treat and the frozen chunks serve as a flavorful ice so this smoothie is packed full of flavor!

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How Do You Make A Strawberry Smoothie

  • However you want.
  • Im kidding. But not really.
  • Always start with the liquid on the bottom to help with pureeing. For this recipe, I use milk , then strawberry Greek yogurt.
  • Add the fruit: a bit of frozen banana , frozen strawberries , and some ice cubes .
  • Blend it up and serve! If your strawberries arent very sweet, you may want to swap the milk for juice or a bit of honey.
  • How To Make A Frozen Strawberry Smoothie


    Youll notice that I use frozen strawberries in this recipe. I love frozen fruit in smoothies for a few reasons. Theyre often more affordable, especially when its not peak strawberry season. But more importantly, they add frosty thickness to this smoothie without needing to add ice!

    Ice tends to make smoothies watery, and never seems to break down all the way in a blender. Using frozen strawberries fixes this problem and keeps the smoothie full of delicious fruity flavor!

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    Variations On This Strawberry Smoothie:

    • You can always make things more interesting by mixing up the fruit: throw in some raspberries, pineapple, mango really, anything goes!
    • Add grains theyre a great source of fiber, protein, and varying vitamins and minerals. Add quick oats, ground flax, or wheat bran to give your smoothie a boost and give it more staying power.
    • Swap the yogurt and milk for probiotic yogurt and kefir Im a big believer in the power of probiotics and this is an easy way to get them!
    • Add a scoop of protein powder if thats your schtik.
    • Add a scoop of peanut butter or a spoonful of cocoa powder for a dessert-like treat.

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    Ingredients For This Strawberry Smoothie

    Heres what youll need to make this strawberry smoothie! Alex and I were careful to choose healthy ingredients for this smoothie: no overly sugary juices or syrups. Heres what we selected:

    • Frozen strawberries: Its easy to find and store frozen berries, and they add a great icy texture to this smoothie. If you want to use fresh berries, use a frozen banana.
    • Fresh banana: Our pet peeve is smoothie recipes that call for frozen bananas, because we never keep them on hand! Usually we want a smoothie recipe now. So we customized this one to use a fresh banana.
    • Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt gives this recipe a protein boost and helpful probiotics. It also makes for a perfect creamy texture.
    • Ice: Heres the most important part ice is essential to a perfect strawberry smoothie! It makes just the right frothy texture. Weve tried it without and it really makes a difference. Do not omit it!
    • Milk: You need just the right amount of liquid in a smoothie to get it to blend. Not enough and the blender gets stuck , and too much it tastes milky. You can also use non-dairy .
    • Maple syrup: Adding a hint of maple brings out the sweetness in the berries. If you eat a low sugar diet you could omit, but it doesnt quite taste sweet enough with no sweetener.

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    How To Make A Strawberry Greek Yogurt Smoothie

    First, start by washing your strawberries and removing the stems. After that, place them in a large freezer bag.

    Next, put the bag of fruit into your freezer overnight or for at least 2-3 hours so the berries can freeze.

    Then, place the frozen strawberries, Greek yogurt, honey, and almond milk into a large counter-top blender.

    Alternatively, if you have a food processor, you could use that as well.

    Now, pulse the ingredients until theyre smooth and creamy.

    Personally, I recommend using a spoon to do a taste test. Add more honey, if needed and pulse once more to blend everything.

    Last, transfer the smoothies to glasses and enjoy! Thats it your strawberry Greek yogurt smoothie is done!

    We hope you enjoy the treat and wish you the best

    How To Make A Strawberry Smoothie

    14 Kid

    So today I want to share a Simple Strawberry Smoothie Recipe that has nothing to prove. I believe this to be the best strawberry smoothie recipe because:

  • It requires only 3 ingredients.
  • The ingredients can be changed to suit your taste or diet.
  • Its thick and creamy.
  • And it has DOUBLE the flavor of regular smoothies.
  • All you need is:

    Simply throw them all into a good blender and whirr away!

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    A Note On Thickening Smoothies

    Im of the general smoothie philosophy that a thick smoothie is a happy, satisfying smoothie if its not thick, instead of feeling like Im enjoying a substantial breakfast or snack, I feel like Im drinking juice. Its not the same.

    This is why all of my healthy smoothie recipes involve some kind of thickening agent. If youd like to make a smoothie thicker, here are a few tricks:

    If you try a few of these tricks and your smoothie is ULTRA thick at the endtoo thick to sip with a strawpour it into a bowl, top it with some granola and fresh fruit, and enjoy it as a strawberry mango smoothie bowl.

    For a strawberry mango protein smoothie, add a scoop of your favorite vanilla protein powder. This will thicken the smoothie a tiny bit too.

    Easy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

    This Strawberry Smoothie recipe is thick, refreshing, and packed with fresh strawberry flavor. It has just 4 ingredients: strawberries, bananas, and pineapple blended together with coconut milk or your favorite base.

    This strawberry banana smoothie will give you some serious feel-good energy in the morning!

    This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

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    Ingredients For A Strawberry Smoothie

    Entire family experimented with this frozen strawberry smoothie recipe with or without yogurt, with dairy milk, with almond milk, with and without banana, with jam, with ice cream, you name it! And here are the ingredients we all agreed upon for the best strawberry fruit smoothie:

    • Almond milk: We use plain unsweetened almond milk but vanilla flavored and/or sweetened will work too, especially if your strawberries are less sweet.
    • Frozen strawberries: Use quality strawberries, that are ripe, preferably organic if you can afford. However, it is a fact that less sweet and ripen berries go for freezing.
    • Banana: Make sure your banana is ripe or even ugly brown over ripen. Previously frozen fruit works as well.
    • Flaxseed or chia seeds: Use ground flaxseed or whole/ground chia seeds. Whole flaxseed might not blend completely.

    Yes, we like our healthy strawberry smoothie without yogurt. Keep reading.

    They May Stop Snack Attacks

    How to make a strawberry banana smoothie

    Scientists have recently found that strawberries may reduce blood sugar spikes. These high-low sugar spikes cause cravings and affect mood, so by adding more strawberries to your diet you can avoid these feelings, reducing the temptation to snack on naughty bits.

    Its suspected that the high levels of antioxidant polyphenols are responsible, which also help out the body in other ways. However, these studies were done in a test tube so more research is needed to prove that the same effect would happen in people.

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    How To Hull Strawberries:

    The hull is the green leafy cap at the top of a strawberry. We hull strawberries to keep the color consistent in the smoothie. Hulling a strawberry is easy using a small pairing knife, make a circular cut around the top, aiming towards the center to remove the top like a cork.

    A strawberry huller makes this job really quick and easy with minimal waste since you remove the hull with one circular motion and you dont have to cut away any portion of the strawberry flesh.

    More About This Recipe

    • With just three ingredients and a quick spin in the blender, you can have a fruit-packed smoothie in just 10 minutes. The thick texture and tang of Yoplait® Original yogurt is a perfect complement to the sweet, fruit, and making it at home gives you a jump start to a streamlined, better-for-you day. Now that youve mastered this easy strawberry smoothie recipe, you can make smoothies a regular part of your routine. Weve also got some handy tips for making smoothies even easier with make-ahead versions. For new ideas and inspiration, check out the rest of Bettys best smoothie recipes.
    • Yoplait is a registered trademark of YOPLAIT MARQUES used under license.

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