Strawberry Smoothie With Vanilla Yogurt

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How To Meal Prep Your Smoothies In Advance

Delicious Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

Meal prepping your smoothies in advance is a great way to save time in the morning at breakfast or in the afternoon when you need a quick snack.

To meal prep a few smoothies at a time, just place all of the smoothie ingredients, except the liquid, in a small freezer bag. Place the bag in the freezer until you are ready to use.

Once you are ready to blend the smoothie, add the liquid to your blender and then pour in the contents of your frozen smoothie bag. Blend on high until completely smooth.

How To Make Breakfast Smoothies With Strawberries:

  • Add the frozen fruit, yogurt, water and optional sweetener or protein powder to a blender.
  • Blend until smooth, adding more water 1/8 of a cup at a time to reach desired thickness.
  • Pour into a glass and immediately rinse your blender out .
  • Special Tip: You can find these directions, along with measurements, nutrition and more in the sharable recipe card in the next section!

    Up next, a sharable recipe card for our low calorie, refreshing strawberry smoothie with yogurt

    Tips And Tricks For How To Make A Strawberry Banana Smoothie

    • Use your favorite milk for this recipe, I use whole milk because thats what I always have on hand but you can also use low-fat milk or non-dairy milk like almond milk.
    • Instead of using a plain yogurt you can also use a strawberry, vanilla, or banana flavored yogurt or greek yogurt.
    • You can either add the ice cubes to the blender with all the other ingredients or put them in a glass and serve the smoothie over ice.
    • Frozen strawberries work best in smoothies because they are frozen perfectly ripe and make the smoothie thick and frosty.
    • The banana should be ripe and have a few brown spots. Ripe bananas are sweeter so you dont have to add extra sweetener to the smoothie. If your banana isnt as ripe as it should be you can add a little bit of honey or maple syrup.
    • This recipe makes two big glasses but you can also double the recipe. Just make sure not to overfill your blender!

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    Simple Strawberry Smoothie With Yogurt

    UPDATED · PUBLISHED Feb 20, 2014 BY · This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    This simple strawberry smoothie with yogurt is thick and creamy and low in calories and fat. You won’t believe how easy it is to make this copycat version of this Tropical Smoothie favorite.

    It’s safe to say I’m smoothie-obsessed. I’ve been experimenting with various berry combinations in this Simple Green Smoothie for Beginners.

    It’s a variation of this recipe and calls for blueberries AND spinach. But, I threw in a few strawberries too because strawberries make everything better!

    In fact, this simple strawberry smoothie with yogurt is a bit of tribute to my very favorite berry and the smoothie that I just can’t resist when I’m at Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

    When the craving hits, I just gotta have one.

    In any event, I just couldn’t keep traipsing down the street to the closest smoothie joint. It was too expensive and sucked up valuable time.

    This simple strawberry smoothie with yogurt replicates, pretty closely if I do say so myself, the Strawberry Beach Smoothie I occasionally enjoy at Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

    I don’t have their secret recipe. Through trial and error and with a lot of perseverance, here’s what I learned about making this yummy treat at home:

    Tips To Thicken Your Smoothie

    Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

    I love my smoothies nice and thick, as I think it makes them more satisfying. This recipe is already fairly thick, but if youd like to thicken your smoothie even more, here are a few tips:

    • Blend in a few cubes of ice after you mix your main ingredients until you reach your desired consistency.
    • For thickness and added flavor, try blending in an extra handful of frozen fruit.
    • You can also try adding in 1 tablespoon of chia seeds. After a few minutes, these little nutrient-rich seeds will soak up some of the excess liquid and thicken the smoothie.

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    Healthy Strawberry Banana Smoothie

    This healthy strawberry banana smoothie is made without yogurt and is completely dairy free, paleo and vegan friendly! This nutritious smoothie is made with frozen strawberries, ripe bananas and contains hidden veggies such as cauliflower and beet root powder. Itâs an excellent smoothie for kids and adults.

    It may still be the middle of winter, but I have been on a smoothie kick lately. And I donât see it stopping anytime soon!

    This healthy strawberry banana smoothie has made a frequent appearance at lunch. As, itâs super easy to throw together, nutritious, delicious AND my kids love it.

    Iâm always looking for ways to get my kids to happily eat veggies that they donât love. For instance, the cauliflower in this recipe. This paleo smoothie does the trick since they all enjoy the flavor and texture.

    This strawberry banana smoothie recipe is paleo and vegan friendly. It is made without yogurt and is completely dairy free. In addition, it contains hidden veggies like cauliflower and beet root powder. Furthermore, this smoothie is made with healthy fats from avocado and hemp seed, which improve the taste, texture and nutrient content.

    Itâs the perfect smoothie for sharing as a snack or eating on your own as a meal replacement.

    Strawberry Smoothie Recipe With Yogurt

    This post may contain affiliate links. If you shop from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

    If your kids love those expensive bottles of drinkable yogurt at the grocery store or youre looking for a super simple smoothie recipe, you have to try this one. This Strawberry Smoothie recipe with yogurt has just 3 ingredients and can even be made ahead!

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    How To Make A Smoothie With Yogurt

    • Step 2 Blend until smooth and chunks are no longer present.
    • Step 3 Taste. If you find its not sweet enough, you can add a bit of honey or maple syrup, although I found it was definitely sweet enough without it! The key is using an overripe banana to get that optimal sweetness.

    Its that simple!

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    Strawberry Banana Greek Yogurt Smoothie

    The Prettiest Strawberry Rose Smoothie | Genius Recipes

    May 15, 2021

    Strawberry Banana Greek Yogurt Smoothie exceptionally creamy smoothie with subtle vanilla flavor.

    One of the most beautiful parts of spring is abundance of strawberries. Whether eaten fresh with just a little bit of whipped cream, or as a part of a cake or dessert, they always delight kids and grown-ups equally.

    Today I combined fresh strawberries with banana and Greek yogurt in a rich and velvety smoothie. I usually make smoothies with milk, but this time I wanted something even thicker and creamier. It turned out to be not only my breakfast, but lunch, too.

    Greek yogurt adds healthy probiotics to our diet while it also improves consistency of smoothie and ads creaminess. If you prefer thinner smoothie, you can add some milk to the mixture.

    Of course, other ingredients can be added to this smoothie, depending on your taste.

    Easy to make, dessert-worthy breakfast or snack, Strawberry Banana Greek Yogurt Smoothie can be enjoyed in every opportunity by anyone who loves sweet fruit and creamy texture.

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    Kids Love This Smoothie

    All 8 of my kids love this smoothie recipe. They really do. I have one that hates smoothies. Fruit scares him and he even admitted that he likes this yogurt strawberry banana smoothie.

    It was so good, my Dakota had to finish the leftovers straight out of the blender. I would say this is definitely a winner!

    You need a good blender.

    Now that we have talked all about these strawberry smoothies, make sure you invest in a good blender.

    I have a Vitamix and I love it. It is old and is still going on strong. It is quite the investment to get one, but it is one investment that wont disappoint. It will be the last blender you ever had to buy. Amazon has several of them on sale right now for a great price.

    Now if a Vitamix isnt in your budget, then I recommend a Waring professional blender. They are going to get the job done. Now they are not as great as a Vitamix, but they are the next best for a much more reasonable cost. Amazon has several Waring blenders on sale right now.

    Either way, I know you will be able to enjoy a delicious and smooth fruit smoothie with one of these blenders.

    A Few More Notes On This Recipe

    • You could easily substitute another frozen fruit for the frozen strawberries. Frozen raspberries, blueberries, mango, peaches, or pineapple would all be delicious.
    • If youre using only fresh fruit make sure to add a handful of ice to cool the smoothie down and thicken it up!
    • If youre using only frozen fruit you may need to add a little extra liquid to make sure the smoothie will move freely through your blender blades.
    • This smoothie could be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator. It wont be as thick if you drink it later but it will still be delicious!
    • If you want to add some extra nutrients to this smoothie feel free to throw in some add ins! Chia seeds, hemp seeds, almond butter, and collagen would all be good.

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    How To Make Your Smoothie With Peanut Butter

    If you are looking to add some healthy fats to your smoothie then peanut butter is a great option. Peanut Butter works well at keeping your stomach more full for longer. All you really need to do is pick out the brand that you like best, add a few spoonfuls, blend, and enjoy. peanut butter pairs well with lots of d

    Do You Add Sweetener To A Strawberry Banana Smoothie

    Frozen Strawberry Greek Yogurt Smoothie (10 minute Breakfast)

    I never need it. That is one of the things I love about this smoothie. The banana is enough to make sure everything is sweet and creamy. And usually the strawberries bring some sweetness too.

    Many smoothie shops and fast food places add sugar to their smoothies. While I am not opposed to sugar I do not prefer to add it to things when it is not necessary.

    You can always taste is first while it is still in the blender. If you want more sweetness, feel free to add some honey, agave, or sweetener of choice and blend for a few more seconds to combine.

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    How To Make Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie


    Wash 10-12 strawberries well and wipe them using a kitchen towel. Chop off the top leafy part using a paring knife. Then cut the strawberries into slices and freeze them for 5-6 hours.

    Peel and slice 1 large banana and freeze it for 5-6 hours too.

    Make The Smoothie

    Pull out the banana and strawberries from the freezer and thaw them for 10 minutes.

    Add the frozen strawberries, frozen banana, 1 cup yogurt, ½ cup milk, and honey to taste to the medium jar of a high-speed blender.

    Blend until smooth.

    Pour the smoothie into 2 tall glasses and serve chilled.

    You can adjust the consistency of the smoothie by increasing or decreasing the quantity of milk.

    Strawberry Banana Smoothies: Tips And Tricks

    Thereâs no type of smoothie that is more loved than strawberry banana smoothies. Itâs one of the most loved smoothies by both kids and adults. Smoothies are great for your body since they pack in some fruits with a combination of yogurt and milk for a healthy and macro balanced snack or meal. Here are some useful tips and tricks to making a tasty Strawberry Banana Smoothie

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    Why We Love This Smoothie

    • Balanced: The smoothie contains all four food groups, which makes it a great balanced and nutrient-rich breakfast or snack option. Its very filling so it can serve as a meal all in itself.
    • Quick and easy: If youre looking for a quick breakfast on the go, this smoothie will do the trick! It only consists of five simple ingredients , so you can blend it all up in just a few minutes and drink it before you head out the door or on the go.
    • Kid-friendly: The vibrant pink colour makes this smoothie really fun, especially for kids! Its a tasty way to incorporate more fibre, protein, calcium and omega-3s into your familys day!

    How To Make A Strawberry Greek Yogurt Smoothie

    Healthy Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie – Strawberry Smoothie Recipe with Yogurt

    First, start by washing your strawberries and removing the stems. After that, place them in a large freezer bag.

    Next, put the bag of fruit into your freezer overnight or for at least 2-3 hours so the berries can freeze.

    Then, place the frozen strawberries, Greek yogurt, honey, and almond milk into a large counter-top blender.

    Alternatively, if you have a food processor, you could use that as well.

    Now, pulse the ingredients until theyre smooth and creamy.

    Personally, I recommend using a spoon to do a taste test. Add more honey, if needed and pulse once more to blend everything.

    Last, transfer the smoothies to glasses and enjoy! Thats it your strawberry Greek yogurt smoothie is done!

    We hope you enjoy the treat and wish you the best

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    Greek Yogurt Strawberry Smoothie

    This recipe was originally featured on Juggling Act Mama as a guest post.

    Whether youre anticipating the start of the new school year or just trying to make mornings more manageable, a quick and healthy breakfast is always a good thing. This quick strawberry smoothie takes just minutes to whip up in the blender, and it is a crowd pleaser for the whole family.

    Frozen strawberries, banana, lemon, and yogurt combine to create a super quick and healthy breakfast that requires little prep and easy clean up. I used to dread being asked to make smoothies for breakfast, but this strawberry smoothie recipe has been a game changer!

    Strawberries make their annual appearance in fields where I live in mid May, so I am always intentional to freeze several gallon bags full. Frozen strawberries arent great for eating plain, but they are perfect for smoothies and pies.

    Freezing berries to use for smoothies is a breeze check out how to freeze strawberries and how to freeze blueberries tutorials.

    This post may contain affiliate links, which simply means I may earn a commission off of links at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my site!

    And the addition of greek yogurt gives this strawberry smoothie a protein boost that fruit-only smoothies lack. So feel good about this well-balanced breakfast or snack!

    Why Freeze Strawberries For This Frozen Strawberry Greek Yogurt Smoothie

    Frozen fruit in a smoothie gives smoothies a creamy, frosty, thick texture that can’t be achieves if you use fresh fruit . Psychologically, the thick texture of the smoothie also helps me feel full faster because it gives the illusion of more density and volume. Another advantage is that you can take advantage of using fruits that are not seasonal and still enjoy them for the rest of the year.,

    Strawberry smoothies like this frozen strawberry greek yogurt are great for you to start the day. Greek yogurt is packed with protein, whereas strawberries are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C – which means all good things.

    Before you go away, I do want to add that I still love eating fresh fruit and nothing can replace the fiber in fresh fruit. But when I want breakfast in 10 minutes, this frozen strawberry greek yogurt smoothie really does the job!

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    Our Strawberry Banana Smoothie Ingredients

    Here at SmoothieBox, weâre very excited to announce our new Strawberry Banana smoothie mix. This smoothie is packed with organic fruits, seeds, and veggies like strawberry, banana, sweet potato, hemp seeds, lemon, beetroot, and cauliflower. Here is a breakdown of all of those ingredients and what they can do for you!

    Blender Notes And Recommendations

    Simple Strawberry Smoothie with Yogurt
    • I recently purchased a new high-powered blender and absolutely love it .
    • You do not need a high-dollar blender to make this strawberry blueberry smoothie. If you use a high powered blender , your smoothie will have a finer, more even consistency, but you can certainly make this recipe in a regular blender too. If your smoothie is too thick to blend, add more almond milk .
    • I owned this more economical option for a while. While it doesnt get things as smooth as quickly as a high-powered blender or come with the same bells and whistles, its a good option for the price.
    • I sip my smoothies through these stainless steel straws. They make everything you drink through them from smoothies, to iced tea or iced coffee, to even water taste extra refreshing. I also keep a few in my purse for when Im out and about, so I dont need to ask for a plastic or paper straw.

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    Recommended Tools To Make This Recipe

    • High-Powered Blender. If you like to make smoothies a lot, a high-powered blender is well worth the investment
    • Stainless Steel Straws. Make everything you drink through them, from smoothies to iced coffee, taste extra cool and refreshing.
    • Fun Glassware. Pouring a smoothie into a fun glass makes me feel like Im sipping away my worries on some far-off beachy vacation.

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