Can You Put Metamucil In A Smoothie

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How Does Miralax Powder Work

How to Take Metamucil: Learn All the Different Ways

How does miralax powder work? It works by holding water in the stool to soften the stool and increases the number of bowel movements. It is known as an osmotic-type laxative. This medication is also available without a prescription.

How long does MiraLAX powder take to kick in? A bowel movement will usually occur within an hour after the first glass of the Gatorade-Miralax mixture. Dont worry if this doesnt happen for three or four hours. Everyone is different. Bowel movements will occur that are watery and frequent until the bowel is fully cleansed.

Why is MiraLAX so bad for you? However, one commonly prescribed laxative medication, MiraLAX, has been the focus of significant parental apprehension due to concerns that its active ingredient, polyethylene glycol 3350 , may be linked to tremors, tics, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and aggression in children following its use.

Does MiraLAX give instant relief? The tablets produce a bowel movement in six to 12 hours, and the suppositories work quicker, producing a bowel movement in 15-60 minutes. Miralax is also indicated for the relief of occasional constipation and irregularity and produces a bowel movement in one to three days.

This Day Only Has 13 Grams Of Fibre

Its recommended that we eat 21 to 38 grams of fibre every day. So on this example day, Im only getting half of the fibre I should, putting me in the same category as the average Canadian . Surely theres a way we can do better!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Metamucil. All opinions are 100% my own. As always, I only work with brands I believe in and use myself.

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How To Get More Fiber From A Smoothie

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Smoothies are quick and easy and can be healthy additions to any diet. You can have a smoothie in between meals as a snack or even as a meal replacement. Drinking smoothies is a great way to increase your fiber intake to meet your daily requirement. The recommended daily amount of fiber is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. After age 50, daily fiber needs are reduced to 21 grams for women and 30 grams for men. By adding just a few simple ingredients, you can blend a healthy, satisfying, high-fiber smoothie in minutes.

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What Kind Of Fruit Do You Use In A Tropical Smoothie

What kind of fruit do you use in a Tropical Smoothie? Mix mango with coconut for a mango coloda or use a banana and make a banana coloda. Some common fruits used in tropical smoothie recipes include: If you cant find the fresh fruits for your tropical smoothie recipes, you can always resort to canned fruit or flavored syrups.

What foods can you eat with Metamucil in them? The recipe calls for 1/2 cup of low-fat vanilla yogurt, 1/2 of a peeled banana, 1/4 cup mango juice, 1 rounded teaspoon of Metamucil Orange Powder, and 1/2 a cup of ice. Blend it all together and drink up to get 5g of fiber in your diet.

How do you make a Tropical Smoothie at home? How to Make a Tropical Smoothie. Place the fruits you selected for your drink in a blender with ice and a liquid to bind all the ingredients together. Often you will mix milk, coconut milk, yogurt or ice cream into the smoothie. Once you combine the fruit, liquid, and ice, blend them until they have a smooth consistency.

How to make a coconut and mango smoothie? Acoconut Coconut & Mango Cream Tropical Smoothie is really tasty and simple to fix. To your blender add: 1/2 cup coconut chunks 1 banana sliced 1/2 cup mango 1 cup of milk 1/2 cup milk Blend all of the ingredients on high for 10 to 20 seconds or until the mixture is smooth.

What Is The Metamucil Challenge

Quick and Easy Metamucil Smoothie

Most of us do not get enough fiber in our everyday diet to stay regular. For 2 weeks you take at least one serving of Metamucil daily to increase fiber intake.

The Metamucil challenge is also known as: Metamucil cleanse, Metamucil 14 day challenge, Metamucil 2 week challenge and the Metamucil 2 week cleanse.

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Very Berry Smoothie With Metamucil Premium Blend

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LighterFeelsGood #CollectiveBias

There are a lot of subjects people dont want to discuss and if I had to guess, irregularity falls into that category. But like the childrens book says, everyone poops. HA! Today Im sharing a recipe for a super easy, very berry smoothie with ingredients that are natural and better for you. I added to it the NEW and ONLY at Walmart Metamucil Premium Blend, which has fiber and tastes great with stevia.

Irregularity is something people of all ages deal with from time to time and doesnt discriminate. It often starts early in children, and as we age it can also become more of an issue. Many mid-lifers are trying to find ways to manage weight, cholesterol & high blood pressure through healthier lifestyles and diet. However sometimes medication is necessary and can have an adverse effect on the digestive system. Adding Metamucil Premium Blend to a daily routine can help control your appetite and promote heart health. Taking Metamucil Premium Blend every day helps you maintain healthy blood sugar levels* and helps lower cholesterol.

Interested in trying out the Metamucil Premium Blend? Hover over the photo above to click through and purchase. You can also find it here on the WalMart website. As with any product please take as directed on the label for best results.


What Are The Benefits Of Oatmeal In Smoothies

A lot of smoothie recipes like adding oatmeal because of mainly three things:

  • It boosts the drinks dietary fiber amount and overall nutritional value
  • It makes the drink thicker, which makes oatmeal a good substitute/supplement to cream or yogurt
  • It gives the drink a more raw and organic texture.
  • First, let us talk about its health benefits. Technically speaking, oatmeal is the term used for the oat porridge popular in the United States, while oats are the small bits from the cereal grain plant. We will use oatmeal in this article to avoid confusion.

    Oatmeal is naturally rich in a dietary fiber called Beta-Glucan or the heart-healthy fiber. It is a soluble fiber, meaning you can easily digest it. A cup of oatmeal has 4 grams of this fiber. It is known to reduce blood cholesterol and improve long term weight management. It is also gluten-free.

    Adding oatmeal in smoothies keeps your digestive up and running smoothly. This means there will be lesser cases of constipation or loose bowel movement. If you are losing or maintaining weight, eating oatmeal keeps you feeling full and curbs your appetite.

    Second, oats in smoothies make your breakfast smoothie thicker and creamier. Oatmeal is a coarse flour, so it becomes pasty when it mixes with any liquid ingredient. If you are a fan of a dense drink with a creamy texture, oatmeal smoothies are perfect.

    As you can see, adding oatmeal to your smoothie may be one of the best decisions you make in the kitchen.

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    What Can I Add To My Smoothie For Fiber

    Plants are the only source of fiber. Chicken, beef, fish, pork, eggs, and other animal products contain 0% fiber. Plants are made up almost entirely of fiber along with water, fats, and starches. Fiber itself is essentially just a carbohydrate. Dietary fiber cannot be broken down by digestive enzymes.

    Here are some ways to add fiber into your smoothies:

    • dark leafy greens

    Banana Orange Frosty: Metamucil Smoothie Recipe

    How a Metamucil Smoothie Can Help You – David’s Meta Story

    I have never been shy about telling anybody who will listen about the importance of getting enough fiber in your diet. Fiber is not only key for keeping you regular, but is an integral part of your overall health.

    Fiber has multi-health benefits it helps lowers cholesterol and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Fiber is an incredibly vital component to your diet because it helps you feel less hungry between mealsa great way to avoid unhealthy snacking!

    So people, remember one word FIBER!

    I think breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You have to put good fuel in your engine if you expect your body to work hard for you. I love making smoothies for my family for breakfast. It is a great way to start the day. Today Im going to share a super yummy fiber rich smoothie recipe that is perfect to enjoy any time of day. To be honest, it kind of reminds me of a creamsicle or an Orange Julius, that amazing orange frothy drink I used to get at the mall when I was a kid.

    As a busy #EverydaySupermomma on the go, it is important for me to find products that I love and are easy to use. Im a fan of Metamucil Sugar Free Orange Smooth Powder. I can add it to just about any smoothie to add fiber to my day. Meta has a great list of additional recipes you can check out here. This is so easy and gets the job doneone simple teaspoon!!!!!!!!!


    • ½ cup of low-fat milk
    • ½ cup orange juice

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    Greek Yogurt Rainbow Smoothie Recipe

    The NEW Metamucil Premium Blend from Walmart tastes great! I love the natural orange flavor. Another way I use it is in my Greek Yogurt Rainbow Smoothie Recipe.

    It is as delicious and filling as it is beautiful. Here are the ingredients you need to make 2 servings of my Greek Yogurt Rainbow Smoothie Recipe:

    • *Metamucil Premium Blend
    • Food coloring if desired
    • 2 tall glasses

    Steps 1-3: In a blender or bullet, for each layer, add 1/4 cup of yogurt, 1/4 cup bananas and 1/2 cup fruit and/or vegetable

    Step 4: *Add Metamucil Premium Blend

    Step 5:Add 1/4 of milk. If after you blend the mixture is too thick, add a bit more milk. If you want a more vibrant color for any layer, add a few drops of food safe coloring.

    Steps 6-7: Split smoothie between your two glasses and place in freezer for about 15-30 minutes or until smoothie is solid. If you add the next layer before the previous layer is frozen, the two layers will combine.

    Step 8: Repeat steps 1-7 until you have all 6 layers. Enjoy as a great start to your day or snack.

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    Is The Metamucil 2 Week Challenge Safe

    According to the Mayo Clinic, there is no evidence that daily use of fiber supplements is harmful.

    Most side effects are minor bloating and gas, but that is typically during its initial use. If you get too much bloating or gas, scale back to give your body more time to adjust.

    You may experience changes in bathroom habits. Do Not Be Alarmed! This is what its suppose to do! This is simply your body adjusting to your increased intake of fiber.

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    A Delicious Way To Curb Your Appetite

    It can be overwhelming to streamline all I want to live a healthier lifestyle. For me, the NEW Metamucil Premium Blend from Walmart encompasses many areas I need a bit of a boost with.

    The 100% natural psyllium fiber, which is naturally sourced, in Metamucil helps curb my appetite so I feel less hungry between meals*

    Fiber Up Tropical Smoothie With Metamucil Premium Blend » A simple trick to make taking fiber supplements easier

    This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LighterFeelsGood #CollectiveBias

    I dont know about you, but I find it a challenge to keep up healthy fiber levels in my diet. A high fiber diet is essential for health. It can help lower cholesterol levels and control blood sugar levels as well as normalizing bowel movements. It can even help in achieving a healthy weight.

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    High Fiber Smoothie That Keeps You Full Longer

    Everywhere we turn, we are seeing a new fad with diets. Its hard to keep up, so I want to tell you a few things that Ive learned and I want to share a great recipe with you. Today Im sharing a high-fiber smoothie that keeps you full longer.Ive been studying nutrition for years. I have my certification in physical fitness instruction, and I always have been interested in exercise and nutrition.

    The main thing that Ive learned over the years is that if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you have to have good habits. Habits that dont weigh you down. It starts with your nutrition. You have to watch what you eat and workout. There isnt a secret formula, although having a diet plan that you can stick to does work. There is a reason that my husband and I wrote a course about how to lose unwanted fat it worked. It was about incorporating the right kinds of foods into our bodies.

    I have also realized that many people do not get enough protein or fiber. The crazy thing is that it is these two things that keep us full. I can eat a stack of pancakes or I can have a smoothie, and I can almost guarantee that the smoothie will keep me full much longer than the muffin. The reason? Fiber.

    I went online and read about the benefits of increasing your fiber every day:

    Say No To Sugar And Yes To Stevia

    Recently I was shopping and saw the NEW Metamucil Premium Blend, available ONLY at Walmart. What piqued my interested was that it was sweetened with Plant Based Stevia.

    To help with my blood sugar levels, I have been using Stevia. I have a sweet tooth, but cannot have the sugar. To find that the NEW Metamucil Premium Blend had Stevia was great news!

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    Try Some More Of Our Healthy Delicious Smoothies:

    Metamucil partnered with bloggers, such as me, to get the word out about its great product benefits. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. Metamucil believes thatconsumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Metamucils policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

    Disclaimers:Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 7 grams of soluble fiber per day from psyllium husk, as in Metamucil, may reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol. One serving of Metamucil Powder has at least 2.4 grams of this soluble fiber. Consult a doctor if you are considering use of this product as part of a cholesterol-lowering program.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    Cubes Of Every Flavor

    The Easy Guide On Making Just About Any Smoothie

    Each one of these recipes is designed be frozen in an ice cube tray, then stored in the freezer until you’re ready for a plant powered boost. I usually keep 2 or 3 different kinds of smoothie cubes on hand, so that I don’t need to rush around finding ingredients at a moment’s notice. Here are my fav smoothie cubes:

    Antioxidant smoothie cubes– Use these when in need of a beauty boost. Just replace the fruit in your next smoothie with 4 cubes.

    Alkaline veggie smoothie cubes– These provide a green veggie boost. Replace the leafy greens in your next smoothie with 4 of these cubes.

    Electrolyte smoothie cubes– When you think of these cubes, think of an energy boost. No matter the workout, big or small, you need to be replacing your electrolytes. These cubes do just that!

    Coconut milk smoothie cubes– These are healthy fat bombs of goodness. Add some of these cubes to your next smoothie, and watch your hair shine, as well as your skin.

    Anti inflammatory cubes– Just like the name suggests, these blender bombs are loaded with veggies that help soothe inflammation in the body. These can easily be added to any smoothie .

    Fiber smoothie cubes- The recipe below isn’t just an excuse for a chocolate fix. These cubes are full of fiber + protein, 2 vitally important nutrients for your body. Let’s learn more!

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    Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie With Psyllium Husk

    If you love the combo of chocolate and peanut butter, youre going to love this healthy chocolate peanut butter smoothie!

    My Chocolate Peanut Butter High-Fiber Smoothie is decadent but healthy its been my go-to lunch for the last few weeks.

    Its not overly sweet, fills you up, and gives you extra energy for the day. Drinking it over time can also help flatten your belly because of the secret ingredient.

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    How Much To Take Daily

    One serving is one rounded teaspoon, plus 8 oz of liquid.

    Initially, I started with one serving per day and was able to increase to 2-3 servings a day by the end of the Metamucil cleanse.

    Two servings per day was the right amount for me during the Metamucil challenge, but I may work up to three times a day in the future.

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    How Can I Make My Smoothie Higher In Fibres

    Making smoothies is a simple and quick way to add more fruit and vegetables to your diet. You can easily include high-fibre ingredients and turn your breakfast shake into a powerhouse of filling fibres.

    Among fruits, bananas, oranges, apples, and pears are particularly rich in fibres. But nothing beats raspberries! A 100g serving contains a whopping 6.5 grams of fibres, and theyre low in sugars too its a win-win!

    Avocado and beetroots are also filled with indigestible fibres, and they make a great addition to any smoothie. Check out our delicious avocado smoothie or beetroot smoothie recipes for inspiration.

    Besides fruit and vegetables, what can really boost your fibre intake are nuts, seeds, and whole grains. So, try adding nut butter, chia seeds, or flaxseeds to your smoothie blend. Finally, oats and wheat bran are the ultimate fibre booster that every smoothie should have.

    For more tips and info, check out our detailed blog posthere where we explain how to make the perfect, nutritionally balanced smoothie.

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