Green Apple And Oats Smoothie For Weight Loss

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Banana And Oat Smoothie


Ingredients :

  • ¼ cup of dry rolled oats
  • 1 cup of oat milk
  • ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon

How To Make The Banana And Oats Smoothie?

  • Blend the banana, rolled oats, oat milk, and a pinch of cinnamon until smooth and frothy.
  • Nutrition

    • 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon

    How To Make The Avena Healthy Oatmeal Smoothie?

  • Cook the oats and water in a small pot for about a minute or two, stirring continuously until it becomes thick and bubbly.
  • Remove from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes.
  • In a blender, add milk, sugar, cinnamon. Add oats and ice.
  • Blend on high until very smooth.
  • Chill in the refrigerator or pour in a glass over ice.
  • Nutrition

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    Papaya And Oats Smoothie For Weight Loss

    Nature never ceases to amaze us. It is a popular knowledgethat the plant kingdom is a natural pharmacy ready to help, improve and cure usof our ailments.A way to make papaya and oats smoothie for weight loss.

    Papaya is fantastic food in nature and is well known inSpanish-speaking countries.

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    How To Make The Best Smoothie

    • Choose the right apple. To get that smooth texture and sweet flavor, make sure that you choose an apple that is not over-ripe or mealy. You want to get one that is firm to the touch and doesnt give when you press lightly on the skin.
    • Keep your ingredients cold. Smoothies taste best cold, so try to keep your ingredients cold as well or the results will be lukewarm. Except for the oats and cinnamon, I suggest storing the rest in the fridge for a chilled morning drink. You may also add a few ice cubes, of course.
    • Stir if needed. If you find youre getting chunks in your Apple Oat Smoothie, use the attachment or a spoon to stir the ingredients so everything blends smoothly and incorporates together. Nut butter can sometimes get stuck to the walls of the blender and needs to be dislodged.

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    Spinach Apple Smoothie For Weight Loss

    Published: · Modified: Jul 26, 2022 by Gus · This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases·

    Are you looking for a weight loss smoothie that is packed with nutrition? This spinach apple smoothie is perfect for you! Not only does it taste delicious, but it is also low in calories and packed with antioxidants. Start adding green smoothies to your daily routine today!

    Smoothies are a great way to start your day by being packed with plant-powered nutrients. They are delicious, easy to make and digest, and you can include veggies and ingredients that you find to include in your regular diet.

    This kiwi spinach smoothie weight loss was created with the idea of making a delicious but low-calorie drink to help you lose weight. That’s why we excluded popular ingredients high in sugar, such as frozen bananas, and included those high in fiber to keep you fuller for longer.

    That’s how we created our pineapple and cucumber juice for weight loss and applied to these principles to this smoothie.

    Strawberry Blueberry Banana Smoothie

    Oatmeal, Apple and Lemon Smoothie to Lose Weight and Lower Bad Cholesterol

    This is a really delicious smoothie recipe thats very high in antioxidants and is very kid friendly. My daughter loves the taste and distinct color of this recipe, and asks for it often.

    Blueberries are very high in nutrients and are often referred to as a superfood. Theyre low in calories, but high in fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K. They also have one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any common fruit thanks to the flavonoids they contain

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    What Is A Green Smoothie

    A green smoothie recipe is a blended drink that mainly contains vegetable greens or fruit, or a combination of both. They are an easy way to flush your body of toxins, get lots of healthy nutrients, and lose weight fast.

    Green smoothies are often green or bright green and may not exactly look like the most delicious meal, but if you do it right youll not only love these simple green smoothies, youll crave them!

    Similar to a green juice, a green smoothie recipe has lots of veggies and fruit. However, with green smoothies youll get more fiber, and therefor stay full longer.

    Green smoothies are a blended mixture of fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients. The green vegetables gives it its distinctive color.

    Below you will find benefits of a green smoothie diet, plus 10 green smoothie recipes for weight loss

    Simple Healthy Grapes Green Smoothie:

    As grapes are considered as the queen of fruits and contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which are essential for the body when you are on a weight loss program.

    Ingredients for Smoothie:

    One cup green Grapes, Half or Full ripe banana, Two cups cleaned fresh Spinach , and Half Cup peeled pineapple, and half cup water and some ice cubes.

    The Process to Make Smoothie:

    • First wash and clean grapes and spinach.
    • Peel the skin of the banana and pineapples and dice it into small pieces.
    • Add all the above-mentioned ingredients into the blender with some water.
    • Start to churn it on low speed and mix it until it turns into a smooth smoothie. It required to add all the water to it and blend it once again.
    • Pour the healthy smoothie into a glass with some ice cubes in it.

    The best green smoothie for weight loss is rich in Vitamin C, minerals like copper, manganese and iron. It is full fiber and the water content in it prevents constipation and lend to a healthy digestive tract which in turn helps to reduce weight.

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    Warm Winter Smoothies For Weight Loss

    Most of think that smoothies are cold drinks which are exclusively meant for summers. Weve brought recipes of five delicious warm winter smoothies which are comforting and yet highly nutritious. These smoothies will become your instant favourite on busy chilly mornings. Also called breakfast drinks, there is no better way to start your day then with a satisfying and yummy serving of blended fruits and vegetables.

    Spiced apple and oats smoothie


    Turmeric and aliv seeds spiced smoothie


    • Few drops of vanilla extract


    • 2 tbsp soaked quick oats
    • 2 soaked dates

    More Vegan Smoothie Recipes

    Apple Lemon Oats Smoothie | Great for weight loss or maintaining your healthy weight

    I’ve got so many options for you!

    If you love cherry pie, don’t miss this cherry smoothie. And, how about a pumpkin pie smoothie? And when melon is in season, you must try this Melon Smoothie with Cantaloupe or Honeydew.

    If coffee is your thing, you have to try this homemade frappuccino or this espresso smoothie.

    And if, you prefer smoothies with no banana, you might like this refreshing strawberry-grape smoothie.


    P.S. You might like my hubby’s Apple Pie Moonshine!

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    They Increase Your Intake Of Fruits And Vegetables

    Unfortunately, most of the convenient foods available today are highly processed. Think back to all the snacks or fast foods you have consumed of late and you will realize that none, or very few of them consisted of fruits or veggies. A diet high in fruits and vegetables may increase your lifespan by lowering your blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke, preventing some types of cancer, lowering the risk of eye and digestive problems, having a positive effect on your blood sugar, and helping keep your appetite in check.

    Blend Your Apple Avocado Smoothie Like A Boss

    • If at all possible, this goes much more smoothly in a high-powered blender. I have this one, and my sister swears by her Vitamix.
    • THAT SAID, you do not have to have a high-powered blender to make a delicious green smoothie! A standard blender can still work well. Ive included a suggestion in the recipe section for you below.

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    Oats Smoothie For Weight Loss

    Oats smoothie is a healthy weight loss drink as well as a breakfast smoothie which is suitable to have any time of the day and is quite a filling recipe with some of the healthy ingredients added to the blended smoothie. This is a simple and quick oats recipe.

    Different variations other than the smoothie can be tried with oats such as stovetop instant oatmeal, healthy overnight oats recipe for weight loss etc…Also other weight loss related recipes or DIYs to check out are apple cider vinegar and honey with cinnamon.

    How Can This Oats Smoothie Help For Weight Loss

    Green Apple Walnut Smoothie

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    Can Boost Your Immunity

    Fruits and vegetables are high in Vitamin C which helps support the immune system, fight infection, and help maintain healthy cellular function throughout our bodies. This goes further to lower your risk of chronic illnesses and lower your cholesterol levels.

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    Health Benefits Of Apple Oats Smoothie For Weight Loss

    Well for those on weight loss plan, apple and oats smoothie is low-calorie drinks that can be enjoyed without counting carbs but, rather it helps you lose weight.

    Meanwhile, oats are high in fiber and protein, Oats has the ability to absorb fats, makes you full, thereby reduce craving and helps you control what you eat.

    Lemon is rich in vitamin C, it helps regulate appetite and increase the rate of metabolism, it equally aids proper digestion.

    Apples are highly rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, and flavonoids. Most importantly the polyphenols in apple metabolize all types of body fat.

    Similarly, it is wise to keep this drink healthy by omitting added sugar and use a low-calorie nutrient-rich substitute like honey and dates,

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    Apple Banana & Oat Smoothie Recipe

    This apple banana oat smoothie is thick, creamy, fruity, and super easy to make for a delicious breakfast treat or snack.You can throw this nutritious smoothie together with 4 simple wholesome ingredients and about 10 minutes of your free time.

    I love healthy smoothies whether it is in the morning, noon, or night but especially for a quick breakfast.I also really like to have them before I work out because they are great for energy or sometimes even for lunch. This apple banana oat smoothie is loaded with goodness and nutrients to start your day off right and keep you full all morning.

    I got lucky to have a kid who loves fruits and vegetables. Crazy right?!However, I know there are tons of moms who fight their kids to eat anything that looks like a fruit, smells like a vegetable, or the color green.The struggle is real folks!

    There is also one other thing I know and it is that kids love ice cream and sweet stuff.We dont have to tell them that the sweet and creamy stuff is really just a bunch of fruits or vegetables blended up.

    So if you are looking for a way to add fruits or veggies into your kids diet then having a creamy and delicious smoothie is definitely the way to go. One of my favorite recipes to do that is this banana apple oat smoothie.

    Is Oatmeal With Banana Healthy

    Oats Breakfast Smoothie Recipes – No Milk/No Sugar Smoothie For Weight Loss – Apple-Banana Smoothie

    Oatmeal and Banana Combination

    Both oatmeal and bananas contain soluble and insoluble fiber, each of which helps you maintain proper bowel health. Soluble fiber also helps lower your cholesterol level, so increasing the amount in your breakfast by adding a banana to your oatmeal is a healthy choice.

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    Why We Love This Easy Apple Smoothie Recipe

    Our family is big on smoothies, and we really love ones that taste like pie filling! Thats what this easy smoothie recipe tastes like to us the inside of an apple pie.

    Its so easy to blend up and since Im working on losing weight, I love that its low calorie and high in fiber and other nutrients. We called it the Apple Oats Smoothie for Weight Loss, but you could easily call it an apple banana oat smoothie, an apple pie smoothie or an apple cinnamon smoothie!

    Even though Im the only one dieting in the family, my kids and hubs love it, too! So you dont have to be on a diet to love this healthy smoothie recipe.

    Apples For Weight Loss: The Science

    An apple a day may not only keep the doctor away.

    In fact, it has recently been known to also keep the excess pounds away.

    One research study conducted by associates at the Department of Nutrition at Harvard showed that an increased consumption of apples, blueberries and bell peppers causes the flavonoids in them to aid in weight loss.

    As antioxidants, flavonoids help fight free radicals and even combat obesity.

    Hence, by consuming a lot of flavonoid-rich fruits such as apple, you can eat your way to a healthier weight.

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    What Burns Belly Fat The Fastest

    High-intensity interval training : It is probably one of the fastest and most efficient ways to lose stomach fat and reduce the overall body fat percentage. HIIT is a high-intensity short period of exercise that usually doesnt exceed 30 minutes, with short breaks of recovery periods of 30-60 seconds.

    Does Lettuce Smoothie Help You Lose Weight


    Lettuce is the main ingredient for Lettuce Apple Green Smoothie. It crunchy nd dlu. It will hl u lng th unwanted kilos. Thr r several rn wh lettuce is grt for consumption, whn looking for wghtloss.

    What are the benefits of drinking Lettuce Smoothie?

    1. Lw n Clre: It is fftvl a ngtv lr food, whh mn tht the process f dgtng lttu burns more lr thn th munt f calories present in th vgtbl. Adding lettuce to any smoothie, wrap or salad should be a no-brainer.

    2. Lettuce nutrition: Rmn lttu is ll high n vtmn A, K, C, nd folate. Its l a gd ur of dtr fbr nd contains moderate amounts f mngn, tum, and iron. The vitamins, mnrl, nd htnutrnt n rmn lttu help prevent nd llvt a ht of hlth rblm. It l ntn zr cholesterol, saturated nd unsaturated fat.

    3. Hgh Water Cntnt: Th water content f brg lttu lmt matches that f uumbr. Lettuce is 96 r cent wtr b wght and thus contributes to the daily water requirements of the body. It also acts as a coolant for the liver

    4. Rgult Bld Sugar: Lettuce ntn Lactucaxanthin, whh n nt-dbt rtnd, whh n ufull rvnt k r fll n bld ugr lvl. Lettuce fftvl controls rvng nd hunger ng by rgultng bld ugr lvl. Diabetics can binge on this super healthy green.

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    Oatmeal Pineapple And Coconut Smoothie

    This particular recipe is like a non-frozen version of the famous cocktail, only non-alcoholic and much thicker . However, the taste is very similar.

    Regardless, this particular recipe is like a non-frozen version of the famous cocktail, only non-alcoholic and much thicker. However, the flavor profile is very similar.

    For best results, freeze the milk and pineapple beforehand to make it cooler and more refreshing.


    • teaspoon vanilla extract.


    Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix until you get the desired consistency. For an added touch, add some honey over the smoothie when its done.

    Strawberry And Oats Green Smoothie:

    This green weight loss smoothie can be consumed instead of a meal, thus lowering the calorie and sugar intake with lots of protein and slight fat keeping you full for the next meal.

    Ingredients for Smoothie:

    10 pieces of strawberries, 1o ounces of unsweetened almond milk, one peeled banana, 30 gms dried oats, 2 cups of kales , one scoop of plant-based vanilla protein powder

    The Process to Make Smoothie:

    • Wash and clean strawberry kale leaves and dice into small pieces.
    • Add some almond milk in the blender with banana and strawberries and blend it.
    • Then add oats with almond mils and churn for a few seconds.
    • Then add kale leaves and protein with rest of almond milk and blend till smoothie becomes creamy and pour it in a glass and enjoy!

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    Oatmeal Smoothie Bowl 847 Calories

    If youre tired of drinking your smoothies, why not try to eat them? Smoothie bowls are the latest health food trend Id like you to try. By eating your smoothie it can help you to slow down and become more mindful.

    Compared to your regular smoothies, this smoothie bowl has a nice thick, almost ice-cream-like consistency. You can change the toppings to whatever you like. This smoothie bowl makes a great breakfast.

    Although it has 847 calories, dont fear! This smoothie bowl is full of healthy ingredients that are good for you. It can help you feel satiated for hours. I hope youll enjoy it as much as I do.

    What Youll Need:

    • 1 tbsp chia seeds
    • a handful of goji berries

    How to Prepare:

    Add one cup of oats to your blender jar and pulse a few times to grind the oats to a flour-like consistency. Add everything else to your blender jar and blend for 1-2 minutes until creamy and smooth. Pour into a large bowl and top with blueberries, goji berries, and chia seeds. Enjoy!

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